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Privacy Policy

Personal data of the PaydayLoansOnlineTop clients is protected under the regulation of the following privacy policy. The service the website provides is utilized by the US clients only. That’s why the rules that are written in the Privacy Policy section unite with the US legislation functioning at the moment.

1. Clients’ personal information safety

1.1. When you provide your personal information in the application form on the website, it is stored in a special secure place. When you trust your passport, contact and bank account details to the Payday Loans Online Top, be sure that it will never be disclosed to the third parties.

Those who can you use your information are employees of the Payday Loans Online Top and lenders to agree on the loan and transmit the money onto your bank account.

1.2. The application form that you fill in, when applying for a loan, already protects your data from outside invasion. The data is then sent to the lender that will use it to negotiate the loan terms with the clients and give out the loan. The website is equipped with a special SSL encoding that protects the data.

1.3. Login information of the client is no responsibility of the Payday Loans Online Top. Only the client knows this information, therefore, he is responsible for its possible leaking to the third parties.

2. Personal information provided to the service by the client

2.1. Technical issues. Cookies and web beacons are used for the client's’ convenience. They make your usage of the website faster and easier.

Web beacons application is represented by the special technology created to advertise certain products that the clients may be interested in. The web beacon system works with the help of the information the clients have given and demonstrates an advertisement icon based on the client's preferences. The data used by the web beacon is collected from the client's search entries that are stored on the server.

Cookies store certain information on the client’s internet device. Cookies note the information the client views on the website and then store collected data about your likes on your computer. This way, the next visit to our website will be more convenient and user-friendly.

2.2. The information that is required by the website is the following:

  • Passport information;
  • Contact details;
  • Bank account data;
  • Employment record;
  • Social security number.

2.3. You have to be more than 13 to apply for a loan and fill out the application form online. If your application fails to correspond, it will be deleted immediately.

3. Personal Information Usage

3.1. The Payday Loans Online Top requires clients’ personal information to connect them with the lender more efficiently and make your cooperation with the website more successful. Once collected the client’s data it’s then used by the direct lender that will agree to give out the loan. Personal data is sometimes used in technical issues or disputes.

3.2. Advertising of some kind may be sent to a client.

3.3. The current legislation will resolve any kinds of disputes between a client and the website or a client and a lender.

4. Personal data dissemination

4.1. To make the service better for the client, some personal data may be given to the third parties the website works with.

4.2. Lenders and affiliates may receive the client’s personal information.

5. Privacy Policy changes

Payday Loans Online Top may change the privacy policy conditions without informing the client.